Person in a Strange World

Characters in these manga find themselves in a world very different from their own. They may have been suddenly whisked away to a strange world, become stuck in a video game, or are trapped in a different time period. Common themes include trying to discover how to get home, coming to terms with a new life in a new place, or political or social involvement with the local populace. See also: Isekai, Reverse Isekai, Summoned Into Another World, Trapped in a Video Game, and Time Travel.

Ellin’s Solhwa

Chapter 52.5 February 14, 2022
Chapter 52 February 14, 2022


Chapter 83 February 12, 2022
Chapter 82 November 8, 2021

Crimson Karma

Chapter 118 January 2, 2022
Chapter 117 December 26, 2021